Bits & Barters

“There’s a psychological benefit to bartering. Bartering is about communities. It fosters human contact.” — James Hartley,  Professor of Economics at Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts.

So you’ve got some big ideas but no way to pay for them: a home renovation, weekend getaway, successful business, dream dinner date, leaner body, new bedroom suite…the list goes on and on.

Or maybe you simply have some simple needs and want to find a way to keep your budget in check. Maybe your bank account has seen better days, or maybe you feel there’s a better way to get things done without emptying your bank account.

Well, money is just one way to get things done. HOWEVER, by using a system of barter, you can tap into a range of goods and services — all without spending a dime.

This particular barter board is a simple gateway for you to connect with others who may have a service you need, or who may be in need of something you have to exchange. For example, if you need to have your lawn mowed, and have something to exchange for that service such as carpentry or hair cutting or a used appliance you want to part with, you can simply exchange these services or items as a barter.

Items are bartered with the use of a simple contract which can be downloaded here DOWNLOAD BARTER CONTRACT.  You may list your service or item below as a comment, with your email address.  Please keep it simple and honorable. Fulfill your end of the barter in a timely basis and you’ll find that more people will want to barter with you.

SOME FINAL NOTES AND DISCLAIMER:  The Evangola Daily Post simply is providing the platform to make these connections and has absolutely no responsibility for any barters made between any individuals. Please also take note that bartering may be subject to tax, depending on how much you barter. Please keep a record of your barter transactions and contact your tax preparer with any questions.


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