Arts and Humanites

The Evangola Daily Post is proud to introduce the community of Evans and its neighbors to a new area of interest – the Arts and Humanities. On this “page”, we are hoping that we can share with you, our friends, neighbors and visitors, a little bit of culture, philosophy, literature, theater, art, languages and science.

We are focusing on analyzing the arts, literatures and performing arts in themselves as well as in relation to specific histories, values, languages, cultures, and technologies.

More stories and articles from around the world may enhance your understanding of the nature of human languages and their speakers.

Equally, we hope to examine critically philosophical and other theoretical issues concerning the nature of reality, human experience, knowledge, value, and/or cultural production.

Through all of these endeavors to critically explore the arts and humanites, we hope to engage our readers critically in the process of creative expression. In short, we do encourage you to take a short minute to create a sign-up profile, and then embark on sharing your creative endeavors with the rest of us.  Or you may email us at

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