Affordable Home-Made Gift Ideas

Over the past few weeks, we’ve all been made painfully aware of the fact that many of our friends and neighbors are living paycheck to paycheck, or even worse, have little to no extra income for Christmas gifts for their loved ones.  We realize that there are some limited sources for assistance, especially for families with children. But there are other family members, friends, and neighbors that we’d also like to remember at Christmas.


So we are going to post some affordable home-made gift ideas daily, in hopes that some of these ideas may come in handy in making the holidays a little more cheerful.  Many of the items used in these projects can be purchased locally or within the area at locations such as Dollar General, Dollar Tree, AC Moore (Yes! they DO have some very affordable deals!) and Walmart. Some can even be picked up in your backyard or at the beach. We are adding a brief description of how to make each of these gift ideas.  Hopefully, they’ll help make someone’s Christmas special – After all, homemade gifts are the best!

If you have a home-made gift idea you’d like to share, please do so below. Please take a short minute to sign up so you can submit  your post. Just a few steps and you’re in!   You can also email us at  Please attach a jpeg of your craft to show us how amazing it is! 🙂  Thanks in advance for your help!