Evans Senior Center Received Purple Heart Veterans Recognition

Thursday, September 28, 2017 – News from Assemblyman Michael P. Kearns – submitted by Sabine Baeckmann

Third parking sign for purple heart veterans in Erie County goes up at Town of Evans Senior Center

Assembly Mickey Kearns and the Town of Evans Senior Center Director Veronica Sullivan officially unveiled the new “Combat Wounded Designated Parking: space for Purple Heart veterans at the Town of Evans Senior Center in Derby. The “Combat Wounded Designated Parking program is run by the Wounded Warrior Family Support organization. Assemblyman Kearns is championing an effort to expand this programs in WNY and encourage businesses and municipalities to sign up for a “Combat Wounded Designated Parking” sign and join the “Purple Heat Parking Club.” Honored this Thursday were Russell Ward – Army – 1966 to 1968; Dennis J. Kulcyk – Army – 1964 – 1966; and James Trembath – Army – 1965 – 1968.

“The ‘Combat Wounded Designated Parking’ signs are one small way we can give back to those who have given their best for our community. I commend the Town of Evans Senior Center for signing up and designating a parking space at their building for our Purple Heart  Veterans,” said Assemblyman Mickey Kearns.

“I believe this awar demonstrates how our military service men and women love our country and their fellow comrades. In the field they have to count on their comrades to have their back and “Thank God” they do. The situations our military personnel have to deal on a daily basis are frightening at times They fight and provide our country with safety and freedom. As their country we should recognizes all of them and provide these symbols of gratitude for their service as with the Purple Heart Parking sign,” said Veronica Sullivan, Director of the senior center.

Last month, Assemblyman Kearns was approached by town of Evans resident James Trembath, interest in securing a sign for the senior center. Mr. Trembath is a Vietnam War veteran and a Purple Heart recipient.

“Not only does the sign give the Purple Heart receipent a place to park, but is an open and consistent reminder to the public of the thousands of Veterans who served their country and were wounded in the line of duty,” said James Trembath.


Assemblyman Kearns also honored Purple Heart veteran Russell D. Ward with a NYS certificate of Recognition for his service in the Army during the Vietnam War. When Ward returned home from the war, he continued dis dedication to his community and his fellow comrades in arms, promoting the Military Order of the Purple Heard Chapter 187. He has led the way on making Erie County an “Purple Heart County,” securing signs throughout the region.

“Mr. Ward has continued his service and dedication long after retiring from the military. Far too often our Purple Heart veterans go unrecognized. We know that our veterans don’t serve our country to receive accolades but today I am humbled t take this opportunity to recognize and honor Mr Ward on behalf of the NYS Assembly, for continuing to represent the best of the best in our communities.

In February 2017, Assemblyman Kearns and the Town of West Seneca unveiled a ‘Combat Wounded Designated Parking ‘ space at West Seneca Town Hall. In August, a second sign was unveiled in WNY Federal Credit Union in West Seneca. This Thursday’s ceremony was part of an ongoing campaign to encourage businesses and municipalities to sign up for the “Combat Wounded Designed Parking” sign through the Wounded Warrior Family Support organization, and become part of the “Purple Heart Parking Club” in Erie County. The next municipality to establish a Purple Heart Parking sign will be the City of Lackawana, New York. Each time a business or municipality puts up a Combat Wounded Designated Parking sign, Assembly Kearns will recognize a Purple Heart veteran from Erie Country

All photos credit- 2017 Sabine Baeckmann