Evans-Angola Comprehensive Plan Community Kick-Off Had Great Input

Evans-Angola Comprehensive Plan Community Kick-Off Meeting

The Evans-Angola Comprehensive Planning Committee held the community kick-off meeting on August 27th. at the Junior High School. Several dozen residents came out to support and participate in this first community gathering to help with the forming of a new comprehensive plan for both the Town of Evans and the Village of Angola.

Brian Kulpa of Clark PattersonLee speaks to residents at the Evans-Angola Comprehensive Plan Kick Off meeting

After brief presentations by Town of Evans Supervisor Mary Hosler, Angola Village Trustee John WIlson, and Clark Patterson Consultant Brian Kulpa, the attending residents and committee members broke into four groups to address and discuss their views on where both Evans and Angola are moving in the future.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Comprehensive planning is a process that determines community goals and aspirations in terms of community development. The outcome of comprehensive planning is the Comprehensive Plan which dictates public policy in terms of transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, and housing.

Village of Angola Trustee John Wilson and Town of Evans Supervisor Mary Hosler both addressed attendees at the Comprehensive Plan Kick Off meeting. Along with the Director of Planning and Community Development, Roberta Rappoccio, they worked side by side with residents to describe, discuss, and explore the characteristics and elements we all value in our community and neighborhoods

Who’s who in this process

  • Steering committee
    – Volunteers
    – Residents
    – Board Members
    – County Officials
    – Business Owners
    – Liaisons to the community
  • The Community
  • Design Professionals

Preliminary Findings

Some statistics that need to be taken into consideration when developing a comprehensive plan were researched and assembled by Clark Patterson Lee’s staff.  Their research resulted in some insightful numbers:

• Median income for both communities peaked in 2012, settling at $54,516 for the Town and $52,950 for the Village in 2015.

• Annual housing peaked in 2012 for the Town while the Village has continued to rise.

• Median age increase for the town has been 38 to 44 (‘00-’15) while the village saw a more subtle increase, only seeing an increase from 35 to 38.

• Population fluctuation within the town between the 80s-00s was more volatile. However the changes have appeared to level off in recent decades.

• The village population has remained steady but unfortunately on a downward trend since the

The Process

Since planning through detailed analysis identifies the strengths and weakness of a community, it’s important to pin-point the opportunities to grow, while locating areas that need support in order to flourish.  The four groups in the planning workshop each came up with their respective lists of Past, Present and Future strengths, opportunities and personal “wish-list” items. The purpose of this exercise was to allow residents and stakeholders to describe, discuss, and explore the characteristics and elements they value in their community and neighborhoods. This session lasted a good half hour before everyone’s input was shared with the group.

Past Positive Resources and Assets that no longer exist

  • Summer Cottages
  • End of Summer Celebration
  • Carnivals/Amusement Parks
  • Thriving Village Shops
  • Teen “Hangouts”
  • Active Airport
  • Active Railroad
  • Old Lakeshore Playhouse Theatre
  • Market and Gas Station at Point Breeze
  • More Choices in Restaurants, etc.
  • Active community year-round
  • Drive In Theatre
  • Clean Waterfront
  • More Access to Waterfront

Present Positive Resources and Assets

  • Great Lakefront
  • Concert in the Park Series
  • Bicycle Trails
  • Greycliff Manor
  • Metro Bus Line Access
  • Vital Real Estate
  • Eighteen Mile Creek
  • New Restaurants, Delis and Grills
  • Bennett Beach Dunes
  • Beautiful Parks/ Pool
  • Historical Society
  • Nature Center
  • Strong Police, Fire and Emergency Services
  • Adult Education Program
  • Well-integrated school system
  • Thriving/Expanding Senior Center
  • Grant monies now in for resolving Vacant Properties issue
  • Grant monies now in for developing natural LEB waterfront cleanup
  • Other grant monies continue to come in as well for various necessary projects

Future Goals for both Town and Village

  • Storm Water Collection and Control
  • Enhance Recycling
  • Expand Access for Community Education
  • Shared public services to save tax payer money
  • More Arts, Galleries, New Theatre, and Music Activities
  • Development of Marina
  • Make this a year-round waterfront community
  • New Signage- Wayfinding signs directing traffic to Village and Waterfront
  • New Signage at Thruway exits for our attractions
  • Our own sports facility
  • New hotels at the waterfront
  • Additional affordable housing for young families
  • Aesthetics guidelines for both Village and Town
  • Connect and extend existing bike paths
  • More housing for seniors
  • Thriving Community Center

Lighting Our Way to the Future

Based on these brain-storming sessions and their results, a number of priority “needs” were indicated by each of the four groups.  At the end of the evening, it was apparent that, although many ideas were discussed and a variety of wish list items submitted, there was a core consensus on the most important needs of our combined communities.

Residents who attended the Comprehensive Plan Kick Off meeting were put into four groups to discuss the past, present and future assets, strengths and goals of both the Town of Evans and the Village of Angola. Results of each group were written into a chart and then shared with the rest of the attendees. This information will be important for the Comprehensive Planning committee to use when planning the future of our community.

The Comprehensive Planning committee would still like to encourage all residents in the town and village to take the survey and share their ideas, so that a more complete profile of our needs can be gathered.  Please take the time to submit the survey – The link below will take you right to it.

In addition, if you are interested in contributing more and give more feedback, please consider attending Town and Village Board meetings. More info and requests for your input will be forthcoming in the near future.   Please stay tuned – Visit the town website TownofEvans.org and the EvangolaDailyPost.com for updates.

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