Grandview Bay Community Honors Deceased in 2017 Memorial Service

Sunday, August 20th, 2017, Camp Pioneer, Evans, NY

A beautiful memorial service was held at Camp Pioneer on Sunday, August 20th, 2017, for members of the Grandview Bay Community who had recently passed away.  The day was beautiful and the ceremony was heartfelt and up-lifting, with friends and families attending the out-door service at the camp’s Chapel.

The altar of the outdoor Chapel at Camp Pioneer


Friends and Family of the memorialized deceased enjoy the service


The event was organized by David and Sandy Sippel.  There were several readings and prayers, and Tony Oster sang several hymns, accompanied by his wife Miriam, who signed.  The following residents were remembered in the memorial:

  • Diane Benzing
  • Marilyn Berner
  • James Edward Bonavito
  • Bill Fuchs, Jr.
  • Helen Randall
  • Donald Sommers
  • Karen Talty

    Memorial sculpture of native Angolan, Jim “Cheech” Bonavito, highlighting his life and art

Family and friends of each of the deceased spoke in remembrance, and placed roses at the altar.

On behalf of Jim “Cheech” Bonavito, I’d like to personally thank all those who organized and participated in making this beautiful memorial happen. And to all who’s loved one was remembered today, my deepest condolences.  I’m sure that our loved ones were with us in that Chapel on the Lake today.

A beautiful day to help memorialize loved ones who passed

Sabine Baeckmann-Bonavito