You Can Help Expand Broadband Internet Access

Broadband Internet Feasibility Study

The Analysis will assess existing infrastructure and examine potential methods of expanding broadband internet access to underserved markets within the County. This effort is initiative 4.10 “Pursue the Expansion of Broadband Internet Access” in the Initiatives for a Stronger Community report.

ECC Technologies, Inc., a technology and communications consulting firm out of the Rochester area is currently conducting the feasibility study.  The Broadband Internet Feasibility Study will provide guidance for the planning and development of a broadband strategy within the county.

It will include researching:

  • public and private providers of broadband service throughout the county,
  • potential infrastructure which may be available but currently underutilized or unused,
  • existing providers of broadband service (public or private) as to plans for expansion of service including locations and timeframes,
  • levels of service throughout Erie County,
  • options for filling gaps in service Countywide and
  • order of magnitude cost estimates to address service gap


    The survey also provides a speed check of your current internet service.

A Broadband Survey website was launched to collect important information on resident and business broadband experience and level of service through a speed test and simple online survey, and track the data using a geographic information system (GIS) database to map survey results..

Our Town Supervisor, Mary Hosler,  has had many residents reach out to her about this issue. Hosler asks that we all please take a few minutes to take the survey on behalf of the Town of Evans.  We all know our service here is not what it should be, given the rates we pay.  CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY   THANK YOU!