Help Stop the Sun Tax in Evans

Here is the petition to bring attention to the fact that the citizens of the Town of Evans feel it is unfair and discouraging for the Town – or any one else for that matter – wants to tax us for installing solar panels  or solar roofs.


Here is the body of the Petition:

We the undersigned are opposed to the Town of Evans Proposed Local Law # 1 of 2017 in which the Town will collect Property Taxes on Solar, Wind, and Farm Waste installed on Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial Properties in the Town of Evans. By the Town opting out of the RPTL 487, taxpayers will lose an Exemption they have had since first Enacted in 1977 for fighting Climate Change and Pollution. Even a temporary loss of this exemption could have an adverse negative effect on the Renewable Energy Jobs being created here in Erie County. If enacted, Solar will no longer be affordable for Homeowners, Farmers, and Small Businesses in this town. There is no Justifiable reason to opt-out, the Town of Evans has other options under the above mentioned Law to collect revenues it so desperately needs.

If you’d like to sign the petition, you can access it HERE