The CCC – Fitness & Fun – and Affordable!


Sometimes being new to an area can be frustrating – especially when one really doesn’t know what to ask about when it comes to getting to know what’s around. But it also comes with a pleasant nuance and excitement when someone tells you all about a place that they love to go to.

That was the case this afternoon, when I found out about a great place to enjoy a workout or swim in a heated indoor pool, or even to take a fitness class or two. Thanks to my neighbors, I found out a great deal of wonderful things about the Cattaraugus Community Center in Irving,  So I did a little digging of my own.

Run under the authority of the Seneca Nation of Indians, the CCC’s mission is to help promote healthy life styles for all of it’s members. There are a variety of amenities and services which include a fitness center, an in-door track, a gymnasium, an arena, room rentals, classes, and much more.

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Located at 12767 Route 438 in Irving, N.Y, the CCC is open to the public and offers a wonderful array of amenities and services. The fitness center, for example, offers Olympic size weights as well as basic size weights. It also has a Jacobs’s Ladder and bench press, in addition to a large selection of other fitness equipment

The heated indoor pool is 25 meters long with 4 lanes that are 7 feet wide each. The deep end is 9 feet deep, with starting blocks. (NCAA short course regulation length). It has a handicap ramp for entry as well.

The gymnasium  features a walking/running track that’s approximately 475 feet – Do 11 laps and you’ve walked a mile! There are rooms for rent to have an event of your own there, and there are a number of classes and other activities offers there as well.


Check it out – click here for a link to their affordable rates. Do some exploring on their site. Guaranteed you will also be pleasantly surprised!