Lakeview Home Takes National Prize for Light Show

Lakeview Home wins National “Great Light Fight” TV Prize

Twin brothers from Lake View beat out the competition last night to be crowned champions of the Great Christmas Light Fight Challenge.Larry and Dennis Field beat out other light displays from across the country to win $50,000 in the ABC reality show competition, broadcast Monday.

Their display features a Disney castle, video screens of clips, and a re-creation of the fireworks show at the magic kingdom.

The display is so large that judge Carter Oosterhuis wondered only half jokingly where the house behind the display was

Christmas Light Show on Schoellkopf Rd

Christmas Light Show on Schoellkopf Rd

“Once you know how many lights you have you don’t have enough,” says Larry Field. “but it’s in the hundreds of thousands of lights, ” he said in an interview with WBEN Monday morning, before he could reveal the pre-taped results.

On the program, after the trophy was awarded the Field twins, joked that Buffalo was in four super bowls without a win, “but at least we have this,” as they hoisted the trophy.


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Courtesy of WBEN radio, 12/13/16