Beachfront is Sold! But What about Mickey Rats?

That’s right, the waterfront property where Mickey Rats is located at 8934 Lakeshore Road in Evans has been a local investment group. So what’s to become of Mickey Rats Beach Club and Captain Kidd’s Restaurant?

Longtime owner Richi Alberts, who has been seeking to retire, said he did not sell the club or restaurant, but only the land. He said he will maintain and operate the two businesses for at least a year as a tenant, through next summer’s season, but their future  thereafter remains uncertain.

Grandview Bay LLC, a group that includes developer William Paladino and attorney Acea Mosey, paid $1.45 million late last week to acquire the 4.26-acre property at 8934 Lakeshore Road here in Evans. According to Erie County records, the property is assessed at $758,000. The buyers’ group also includes the Castlebetre family, Joe Lombardo and Phil Tantillo.

According to Mosey, plans for the lakefront property are still in progress. Alberts said he understood the group was thinking about redeveloping the site with some combination of hotel, bar, spa and condominiums that is still to be determined. It is hoped that this development will assist in boosting the town’s tax base.

Alberts had owned the club and restaurant for more than 44 years before he put it up for sale, the future of Mickey Rats and Captain Kidd’s has been the subject of many rumors and speculation. The spot has been a legendary waterfront destination in Evans for generations, dating back to the 1940s.  At that time, along with hundreds of waterfront cottages, over a dozen beach bars and establishments operated here.


The Albers family business has been a part of the fabric of the Southtowns in Western New York for decades. Taking possession of the current property in the late 1960s, the family – Richi speifically – acquired three other bars to add to the site. He eventually built the current 20,000-square-foot complex, including the patio. Captain Kidds opened almost 35 years ago.

Alberts told the BN that he had five different potential buyers who looked at the property. Paladino did have it under contract earlier this year. but that deal expired in September 2016, and so both sides negotiated this new agreement.

The good news is that it seems we will be enjoying Mickey Rats and Captain Kidd’s for another summer at the least. Looking forward to a great Summer 2017 at the beach!

Source: November, 10, 2016, The Buffalo News