The Evans “Light-on-the-Lake™” Lighthouse Project Kicks Off!

Are you ready to jump into the world of Public Art, Evans?  Ready or not – IT’S HERE!

More and more, Public Art is occupying a unique position not only within the art world, but in small communities all around the US. In comparison with big-name gallery shows, public art is often under-appreciated. But there’s lots to applaud:  It’s free. There are no tickets. People don’t have to dress up. You can view it alone or in groups. It’s open to everyone! Just go and enjoy!

Public art can also create attachment to our community. Recent studies have looked at the economic development benefits of art – for example the increase in local tourism and business growth. But most important has been the effect of art on a community’s sense of place. Basically speaking, public art projects promote a nexus for gathering and belonging, a collaborative effort between artists and businesses and the public.


And so, we are proud to welcome you to the 2017 Evans Light-on-the-Lake™ Lighthouse Project – the first public art project designed to bring a spotlight on the beautiful, vibrant community of Evans, NY! The project is a collaboration between the Evans Art Guild, The Wooden Palette Art Gallery and Artist Co-Operative and the Town of Evans,  We want to make our project stand out from all of the rest, and we know that we can count on the great artists in the area to create incredible, original artwork that will amaze both local lighthouse lovers as well as those who travel from far and wide to experience the “Evans Light-on-the-Lake™ Lighthouse Project” this coming summer!

Participating as an Artist decorating a Lighthouse (or more than one) or Sponsor for a Lighthouse (or more than one!) in the Evans Light-on-the-Lake™ Lighthouse Project is a great way for both the artists and the sponsoring businesses, organizations and 
individuals to gain public recognition. Artists and sponsors will be promoted in both print and social media, at events, and on the streets! There will be many promotions and special events throughout the season circulating your name as a sponsor of this incredible artwork to the public!

Artists wishing to participate will create colored sketches of their designs for a pre-sealed lighthouse, approximately 60 inches tall, mounted on a base. While you have complete freedom with your design, one thing to take into consideration is that some of our sponsors are looking for designs that complement their businesses. Completed designs (limited to three submissions per artist) need to be submitted by December 11, 2016. Any designs submitted after the due date are at risk of not being chosen by a sponsor at the Artist Sponsor Reception, where sponsors will select a design. The Reception will be held at Joker’s Bar & Grill in Angola on Sunday, December 19, 2016.


Over the next several months, chosen artists will transform their sponsored Lighthouses for the May 29th, 2017 
Memorial Day unveiling. The Lighthouses will be on display in Evans from Memorial Day through Labor Day 2017. Following their summer on the streets, the Lighthouses will be auctioned at the “Light on the Lake Auction & Gala” at the end of September 30, 2017. (Event site/date tentative)

In profound appreciation for their work, each artist will receive a 30% share of the gross amount for which their Lighthouse is auctioned. Remaining funds will be divided among local not-for-profit projects and to support arts education in the form of grants and scholarships for High School Art majors, the Grandview Bay Beach Access Lane preservation project/Evans Town Park Mural Project, the Derby Pool and Park Revitalization program, and the Buffalo Veteran’s Court Mentors program.

The goal is to have 40-50 lighthouses featured throughout the Town of Evans from Memorial Day 2017 – to the end of September 2017, when they will be taken down and spruced up for the auction. For more information, GO TO THE SITE.

If you are interested in participating as an ARTIST CLICK HERE

If you are interested in participating as a SPONSOR CLICK HERE.